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Updated on Thursday 16th June 2022

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Numerous foreign investors and foreign citizens move to Mexico for employment or other reasons. Also, the country is a major tourist destination which attracts a great influx of tourists each year. No matter what the reason is for moving to the country, a key aspect to take into consideration is to open a bank account in Mexico immediately after arriving here. In this article, our Mexico company formation consultants explain how to do that and what the benefits of opening such an account are.

What are the papers necessary to open a bank account in Mexico?

In Mexico, there are many different bank accounts which can be opened. These differ depending on your own needs and preferences and can be savings accounts, commercial bank accounts, current accounts, fixed deposit accounts, foreign currency accounts and so on. To open a commercial bank account in Mexico for a legal entity, the documents mentioned below are necessary.

One must provide a valid ID, driver’s license or passport, a proof that you reside in the country and the constitution and procuration documents of the company. Our consultants in company formation in Mexico can offer more information regarding this matter. We can also provide help in setting up a company in Mexico. Usually, a minimum deposit is needed in order to open a bank account in Mexico. This deposit can vary between MXN 7,000 and MXN 13,000 (USD 369 to USD 686), depending on each bank.


 Quick Facts  
 Types of bank accounts Checking accounts, savings accounts, deposit accounts, accounts for individuals or companies. 
Who can open a bank account
in Mexico 
Individuals and companies, foreigners and residents. 

Bank accounts for businesses

Deposit accounts, investment accounts
Corporate documents required for setting up a bank account

• the company’s incorporation documents; 
• proof of a registered address; 
• statutory documents;
• the personal identity documents of the shareholders/directors; 
• the power of attorney, in cases where the company is represented by lawyers;
• visas and residence permits, in the case of foreign investors/directors. 

Possibility to open a bank account online (yes/no)


Local tax number required for foreigners (yes/no)


Basic requirements imposed to non-resident clients One can open a bank account in Mexico as a foreigner after presenting the personal identity document, proof of a residential address, the Mexican tax identification number, the visa/residence permit.
Situations in which a foreigner may need a local bank account   For savings, receiving the monthly salary, for investments, etc. 
Local currency  the Mexican Peso 
The institution that regulates the banking system  the Mexican Central Bank and the National Banking and Securities Commission. 
Law regulating card transactions  The Payment System Law 
Documents required for individuals setting up a bank account   The same as the ones required for non-resident persons.
Opening a bank account in foreign currency (yes/no)  Yes, one can open a bank account in Mexico in a foreign currency (usually US dollars). 
Institution issuing a local tax number  the Tax Administration Service  
Opening a bank account by appointing a representative (yes/no)  Yes, one can open a bank account in Mexico by appointing a representative.  


What is the process of opening a corporate bank account in Mexico?

Opening a bank account in Mexico for a newly founded business has to be done following the procedures prescribed for company incorporation. Thus, the bank account can be set up with a local commercial bank only after the legal entity is registered with the Mexican Taxpayers Registry

The step is done in this particular moment as, during the set up of the corporate bank account, the bank representatives will need specific company documents, such as the incorporation documents, along with the statutory documents of the company, but also proof on the fact that the company has a registered address. 

The procedure can be done by a person who is a representative of the company, and who does not have to be a Mexican citizen, but must prove information on the fact that he or she has his or her residence in this country; however, the procedure can also fall under the supervision of our team of consultants in company registration in Mexico

Our team can help throughout the entire process of opening a company in Mexico through the power of attorney, a document which grants the right to an entity/person to act on behalf of another entity/person. Thus, the process of opening a bank account in Mexico can be handled through the services of our consultants

At the moment when the company’s representative or the appointed legal specialists will address to a local commercial bank for setting up a bank account, the newly founded company must already have a registration number that is issued by the Public Registry of Commerce. If this has not yet been achieved, the institution can issue a document that states that the company is still in the process of obtaining the company registration number, so that the procedure can be facilitated with the bank of choice. 

However, even if the latter situation applies, the respective company number has to be obtained as soon as possible, as even though the bank may have started the process of opening the bank account without the registration number, there is a limited period of time in which the bank accepts to perform this activity without the respective number. 

If, for various reasons, the bank will not receive the company registration number in due time, then the bank’s representatives will close the bank account and this can have negative implications of the process of company formation in Mexico, which will be delayed. 

Provided that the company’s representatives already have all the papers they know they need for the process of opening a bank account in Mexico, the bank tellers will be able to analyze the file and will set up the bank account in a period of maximum a week since the documents were received. 

The bank account can be set up if the bank approves, and if this applies, then the company will have its own corporate bank account. In all cases, investors have to submit an application form, along with all the documents for setting up the account. 

The account will be set up in the national currency of Mexico, but there is also the possibility of setting a bank account in US dollars. This can be useful for companies operating from Mexico and which have commercial relations with the United States of America (USA). 

The process to set up a bank account in a foreign currency will be the same, all corporate documents have to be submitted just like in the case of a Mexican currency account. The minimum share capital required when setting up the account in US dollars will not be the same, but each bank can have its own requirements in this case. 

This is why foreign businessmen will first have to contact commercial banks in order to find out the amount of capital they must prepare for a US dollars corporate bank account. In-depth information on this subject can also be obtained from our team of specialists in company formation in Mexico, who can address to the bank tellers on your behalf. 

Please mind that one can request setting up more bank accounts in Mexico; it is also allowed to offer an authorization to use the respective account for more than one person. However, the banks will need to know the names and personal details of all the persons who are authorized by the representatives of the company. 

Corporate bank accounts in Mexico also provide the possibility to set up home banking services; other services for companies can be available depending on the bank of preference. It must be noted that in general, the procedure does not imply the payment of any registration fee. If you need to find out other details on opening local bank account, do not hesitate to address to our representatives

Benefits of a bank account in Mexico

There are many benefits associated with opening a bank account in this country, among which our Mexico company registration agents would like to mention: no fees for ATM withdrawals and the money can easily be transferred to your Mexican bank account from your home: if you need to transfer funds into your local bank account, this can easily be done without having to be physically present at the bank. 
You can pay for items and services in Mexico with bank transfers: mainly with larger transactions, this is very common in Mexico and you can obtain easily another ATM card in case you lost it: a bank account in Mexico can provide a certain protection between the majority of your assets and losing your card.

What are the characteristics of the bank system in Mexico?

If you want to open a bank account in Mexico, it is necessary to know the main characteristics on the banking industry in this country. Compared to other countries, such as the European market or the US banking system, the Mexican banking industry is still developing, which means that there is a lot of commercial potential for those who want to invest here or to open a company in Mexico.
In the list below, our team of consultants in company formation in Mexico has prepared a short presentation regarding the Mexican banking system, so that you’d know what to expect when arriving in this country, especially if you have very little knowledge on the Mexican economy or society: 
  • according to the data gathered by the World Bank in 2018, 63% of the Mexican population used only cash (when we refer to the adult population of the country);
  • the adult population in Mexico in 2018 was of 98 million persons, and out of these, only 37% of it used a bank account and credit or debit cards;
  • even so, it is important to know that the market value of the banks operating in Mexico increased at a steady rate – in 2017, it stood at MXN 7,770 billion;
  • in 2019, the total assets of the banks in Mexico increased at MXN 9,829 billion;
  • between 2015 and 2019, this accounted for an increase of 26,5%. 

What should one know on the process of opening a bank account in Mexico?

The right to open a bank account in Mexico is addressed to all types of foreigners, regardless if they are residents in this country or if they simply travel to Mexico for a longer period of time (those who simply arrive here for several days or weeks will, most likely, not need a bank account and one also has to consider the time and the procedures necessary to complete this). 
As a general rule, one should consider opening a bank account in the case in which the stay in Mexico is of more than few months. Those who have decided to open a bank account will have to select the most suitable bank for this procedure and in this case, foreigners will definitely choose to work with banks that allow them to set up a bank account as a non-resident (please mind that not all local banks provide this service). 
The bank the foreigner will select is of crucial importance, as the bank’s internal policies can prohibit foreigners who have arrived to Mexico on tourist visas to open a bank account. If you will arrive in this country under a tourist visa, we invite you to address to our team of specialists in company incorporation in Mexico, who can help you with advice on the banks that can help you in this sense. 
We recommend you to open a bank account in Mexico as a foreigner who will live in this country even for few months, as you can transfer a part of your foreign accounts into the Mexican bank account, the main benefit being that thus, you will avoid paying processing fees usually charged when using your account on foreign territories. 
Banks in Mexico are allowed to request a variety of documents in the process of opening a bank account; the simplest way to complete this procedure is with banks that will require your passport, your visa issued by the Mexican authorities, and a proof regarding your short-term residency in this country. 
For the latter, you can use any type of bill that is issued for the respective address where you live. If you have all these documents, then you will be able to contact a local bank and address to a local teller, who can provide more details on whether you must present other documents or not. 
If you will not be required to provide other papers, you will have the right to complete a form, through which you will request to open a bank account in Mexico. After this, your application will be processed by the bank and then you will be contacted in a period of maximum 7 days.  
When you will be contacted by the bank, you will be asked to present in person at the local branch where you have submitted your application so that you can get your credit card. Please mind that when you will get to the bank, you will have to sign various documents. 
If you need assistance regarding the regulations that you must comply once you sign the form, you can request legal advice from our team of consultants in company registration in Mexico. Besides this, you should know that you can also request online banking services. If you need to open a bank account in Mexico for business purposes, you can definitely address to our team of consultants for professional services and consultancy on the documents that you have to prepare.  
If you would like to know more about the benefits and requirements of a bank account in Mexico, or for assistance in opening a company in this country, we kindly invite you to contact our friendly Mexico company formation representatives.