5 Small Business Ideas in Mexico

Updated on Tuesday 03rd April 2018

Mexico has always been an attractive country to invest in for entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, in the last few years, this jurisdiction has become a true haven for small business owners, as well. As follows, our Mexico company formation agents would like to present five small business ideas in Mexico which they strongly believe are worth investing in this year.

1. An adventure tourism company in Mexico

An adventure tourism business in Mexico is ideal for investors who are passionate about outdoor tourism and would like to turn their hobby into a business.
Adventure tourism generally takes place in exotic places where tourists looking for thrills come and experience memorable adventures.
Such a business can include various events such as rock climbing, wake boarding, surfing, mountain cycling, paragliding and so on.

2. Computer assembling business

A computer assembling business is a great small business idea in Mexico because of the high costs of branded PCs.
Since this type of business is a highly specialized one, our company formation advisors in Mexico recommend you to partner up with someone who has a high degree of know-how, in case you do not.
There are plenty of tech knowledgeable persons in Mexico who just cannot afford the highly priced PCs, which constitutes a great market for personalized PCs.
This kind of small company also necessitates access to computer parts, therefore you will have to make sure that the logistics are in place to procure them.

3. Coffee bike company in Mexico

A coffee bike small company in Mexico requires a small initial investment and it can turn out to be an extremely profitable one.
At the present, a coffee bike can easily be acquired from an online source, offering the possibility to choose from many styles and sizes.
Our Mexico company registration consultants can help you open such a company in Mexico.

4. E-commerce business

E-commerce is an extremely developed sector in Mexico. Therefore, it can be the perfect startup for young investors.
Such a business can sell traditional goods with an added value or it can provide something new for its customers.

5. Financial management business in Mexico

If you are knowledgeable on the financial management, such a small company in Mexico could turn into a real success.
You can provide your services as an individual or under the form of a company. The good thing about this small business idea is that you can work from home with your PC.
If you would like to learn more top business ideas for Mexico, or for assistance in setting up a company in Mexico, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.