Start a Pharmaceutical Company in Mexico

Start a Pharmaceutical Company in Mexico image May 2, 2018

A pharmaceutical company, also named a drug company, is a commercial company which is licensed to research, develop, sale and/or distribute medicines, usually in the field of healthcare.

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Open a Publishing Company in Mexico

Open a Publishing Company in Mexico image April 30, 2018

A publishing company is a company which publishes literature, music or other types of information, making them available to the general public. Sometimes, the authors of such work can be their own publishers.

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Manufacturing Food Products in Mexico

Manufacturing Food Products in Mexico image March 26, 2018

Mexico represents the seventh largest agri-food product importer in the world, not including the EU. There are numerous large local food companies which supply the market in Mexico, as well as the export to other countries, mainly in Latin America.

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Selling Tobacco in Mexico

Selling Tobacco in Mexico image March 18, 2018

In 2016, the retail volume sales of cigarettes in Mexico registered a rise, which was due to the decrease of the illegal trade, causing higher consumptions of the legal tobacco products. New cigarette developments, such as the flavor capsules, also positively influenced the cigarette sales during the same year.

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Open an E-Commerce Company in Mexico

Open an E-Commerce Company in Mexico image March 17, 2018

Last year, the B2C e-commerce turnover in Mexico increased with 26.21% to USD 4.8 billion. The country had an online population of 41.7 million people who were 15 years of age and older. Out of the entire population, 16.2 million bought something from the internet in 2015.

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Holding Companies in Mexico

Holding Companies in Mexico image March 8, 2018

A holding company in Mexico is a business without any activities, which, instead, owns assets. These can be shares in other companies, units in limited partnerships, private equity funds, publicly traded stocks, bonds, property, patents, trademarks, copyrights or any other asset that has value.

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Business Name Reservation in Mexico

Business Name Reservation in Mexico image February 19, 2018

A business name registration in Mexico is an absolutely necessary step in a company formation in Mexico. The chosen name for a legal entity in this country has to be filed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an authorization to do business under this name has to be obtained.

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Changing Company Types in Mexico

Changing Company Types in Mexico image February 9, 2018

In Mexico, according to the local legislation, it is possible to change a company type by closing one existing legal entity and then registering a new one. In this article, our Mexico company formation consultants cover a few aspects related to changing company types in Mexico.

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VAT in Mexico

VAT in Mexico image January 25, 2018

The VAT in Mexico (locally known as IVA) is payable at a general rate of 16% on the sales of products and services. The VAT also applies to lease payments and imports of products and services.

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Imports and Exports in Mexico

Imports and Exports in Mexico image January 20, 2018

Being mostly oriented on exports, Mexico is the 15th largest exporter worldwide. It is also the second largest export market of the U.S. After signing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994 with the U.S., the trade market in Mexico started to be greatly connected to the U.S.

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